Vertigo - Universe

Available in all major digital platforms.

Vertigo - Universe

Released on October 18th 2020

We are really excited to announce that our second album UNIVERSE was released to all major digital platforms. The album was recorded at Jungle Sound Studio and produced by the multiple times ACAM winner Alberto Ortiz. The main single of the album, RUNNING AWAY, is accompanied by a video produced by Mor'Du Productions


A brief history

Vertigo was formed during 2013 by Alex and Claudio. For work reasons, Alex moved to Poland, which lead to a full stop of the band. In 2017 Alex returned to Costa Rica, and after finding new band members, Vertigo resumed playing and working on original material. Since then Vertigo has been fully alive, doing presentations in different venues all around Costa Rica.

Our Band Members

Who is Vertigo?


Main Guitars & Chorus


Lead Vocals




Keyboards and Vocals



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